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I would like to start by sending my thoughts of hoping each of you, your family members and friends, are healthy and navigating successfully during these times.

I am in the process of contacting everybody that already had appointments scheduled during the time this shutdown order started and until it is lifted, to reschedule your appointments.

Everybody that has reached out to me and that I have contacted have been so very supportive, understanding and of good spirits. I am so appreciative and thank you for that. Most everybody has told me that because of my unique situation of being the only person that works in my Hair Studio that they would be willing to come in for their appointments regardless of the shutdown order. So many of you have said you would not mind if I made “house calls”. And everybody has been willing to reschedule their appointments so far.

I have given thought to many situations that I could possibly incorporate at this time but for now, I feel the best thing for me to do is to keep my Hair Studio shut down. I will monitor this situation each day, each week with the hope that the shutdown order will be lifted May 1st. If that date changes or if my decisions change, I will let everybody know.

Regardless of when I open my doors, I would like to share with you some of the precautionary steps that I will be taking from the day I open back up and will continue with these precautionary steps until we all feel comfortable to discontinue some or all of them:

As you know, I have a unique situation at my Hair Studio. I am the owner of the building and the business. This allows me complete control of the environment of my business. And as you are already aware of, I am the only person, ever, in my Hair Studio other than my client. While I have been closed, I have had the entire Hair Studio sanitized by a professional cleaning service. I have purchased hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and disposable gloves for myself and my clients to wear when they come in for their appointment. I will be covering the shampoo chairs and styling chairs before each client and removing the coverings after each client, using new coverings for the next appointment. Every client will have a clean cape that would be washed after each use. I will wear a face mask during your appointment and feel free to wear your own mask if you would like.

I have a remote electronic door lock and the doors would remain locked, only unlocking them to allow each client that has an appointment, entry and exit. I will open the door for you, and you will put on disposable gloves. Your clothing and skin will never come in contact with any of the chairs as they will be covered and the covers will be changed with each client. I will be wearing protective items as well. When you have finished with your appointment you will throw your disposable gloves in a garbage can and I will open the door for you as you leave.

I feel with just two people at a time at the Hair Studio and with all I have mentioned above, that I could safely operate my business under these conditions. I have consulted several health care professionals and they have agreed with me that I would be practicing the safest and strictest of guidelines that are recommended and required. As days continue to pass, I feel that my business and my services should be deemed “essential”. In my opinion, my business is much more “essential” than a lot of businesses that are currently open under the “essential business” status and I also feel that coming to my business will be much more safer to patronize than most of the “essential businesses” I have been to in our area. I will keep posting updates and again, thank you for your support and understanding.

Lori Friend