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Lori Friend Hair Studio got its start in the spring of 1991. It was a culmination of a dream that Lori Friend had as a Libertyville High School student (then Lori Scott) while she was also in Cosmetology School. After earning her diploma and license Lori worked for elite local salons in Libertyville and quickly became one of the top stylists in the area specializing in haircuts, styles, colors, highlights, perms and manicures.

So Lori decided to go out on her own and run the business the way she thought it should be run. A way in which the client gets 100% of her attention was her goal. With her dedication and early success as a stylist she was able to make her dreams a reality. She found a new professional building at the north end of Libertyville, purchased the building and set up shop. She called it Lori Friend Hair Studio.

Lori put her thoughts and plans into motion and the rest is history. She wanted her Studio to be suited to the individual client and she wanted to take care of each and every client herself every time they called or walked through the doors. At Lori Friend Hair Studio there are no separate shampoo people, no separate prep people and no retail sales people trying to sell you items you don’t need. As a matter of fact, there isn’t even a receptionist. Lori strongly believes in the many advantages that benefit the client when she is the only person involved in providing the many hair care services and products offered. You are always taken care of by Lori Friend, the owner, from the time you make your appointment, where you always talk to Lori directly, during whatever hair care and nail care services you are receiving, until you book your next appointment as you are walking out of the Studio.

Lori Friend Hair Studio provides a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. You will never be confronted with layers of employees that supposedly have your best interests in mind. You will not be just a name in the appointment book that needs to be rushed through the assembly line to keep the traffic flowing as is the case with other salons. Most often you will be the only client in the Studio. Lori Friend Hair Studio is small enough to capture that peaceful one on one atmosphere yet large enough to comfortably handle husbands and wives together, parents and children together, wedding groups, friends, etc.

Come in and take advantage of the plentiful “front row” parking that’s always available. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Lori Friend Hair Studio has free Wi-Fi so you can use your personal computer while visiting or you can use the Apple iPad 2 that is always available compliments of Lori Friend Hair Studio. Relax and enjoy watching the flat screen television in the waiting area or the one at Lori’s station while she cuts your hair. The kids, who are always welcome, can watch a movie or play the PlayStation if they choose. Lori Friend introduced her business philosophy when she first opened the doors and that unique philosophy is still being successfully practiced today. Discover the many unique advantages that you will only find at Lori Friend Hair Studio.


Hi, this is Lori Friend. As you know, I have a unique situation at my Studio. I am the owner of the building and the business. This allows me complete control of my environment. And as you are already aware of, I am the only person ever in my Studio other than my client.

While I have been closed, I have had the entire Studio sanitized by a professional cleaning service. I had a plexiglass shield installed at the reception desk. I have purchased hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and disposable gloves for myself and my clients to wear when they come in. I have always sanitized my shears and equipment with Barbicide and alcohol and will continue that protocol. I will use clean covers on the shampoo chairs and the styling chairs before each client. Your clothing and skin will never touch any chairs as they will be covered and only used for you. Everyone will have a clean cape that would be washed after each use.

I will wear a face mask during your appointment. Please wear your own face mask. I also have purchased a non-contact infrared thermometer and I will be taking the temperatures of each client upon their arrival (recommended by industry standards).

I have installed remote electronic door locks on my front doors. I will keep the doors locked and only let the people in that have appointments to keep up the social distancing and also this will absolutely eliminate any unnecessary foot traffic. When you arrive for your appointment, stay in your car and text me to let me know you are here. When I receive your text, I will come up and open the door for you and at that time you can come in.

Due to scheduling there may be times where I will have one other client in the Studio. Because of this, I have converted my office into a separate room where I can provide chemical services to a client and keep the door shut while I may provide another service to another client in the front part of the Studio. This way each client will always be in separate rooms. Most of the time there will be only one client in the Studio and never more than two and if that happens, they will always be in separate rooms. If any of my clients do not feel comfortable with one other client in a separate room, please let me know and I will make sure that does not happen during your appointment.

I feel with all I have mentioned above, that I could operate my business safely under these conditions. I have talked with several health care professionals and they have agreed with me that I would be practicing the safest and strictest of guidelines that are recommended and required. I truly feel that my Studio will be one of the safest businesses in Libertyville, or anywhere for that matter, not only for me but most importantly, for you.

Thank you,