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A Message To All My Wonderful Clients

I would like to let you know about some thoughts I have developed about the products I use and sell at Lori Friend Hair Studio. What I am going to tell you is based on the experience I have gained over the 30 years I have been in this industry using and selling those products.

To start, I have seen it all. I have seen all the new product lines that “will take over the industry” and I have seen all the product line Representatives walk through my doors and try to sell me their product line with every imaginable story you can think of. But I won’t use or sell a product line based on hype. I need to use the best products with the best ingredients with the most intensive research behind it and also, with the best proven track record.

I must use the best possible products available because it is my name on the sign above the doors. I am the only person working here which means that I can’t stock dozens of products knowing if some fail, others will make up for it like the other larger Salons with many employed Stylists do. If the products I use fail, I go out of business. And after 30 years of product experience I have gained the knowledge to know what product lines work and which ones don’t work as good or don’t work at all.

So I use what I feel are the best product lines in the industry. The product lines that I use and sell as retail are not used and sold here because of some Sales Rep’s hype or some fancy commercial that is on television. I use them because I know they work better than any other product line available because of my years of experience in this field.

I don’t retail the cheaper product lines so I can increase my profit line. I will not sell a Liter of Spit and Shine Shampoo for $5.00 just to get a large quantity of them out the door like other places do. Actually, I don’t make much profit in retail. It is my services in Hair Care, Skin Care and Nail Care that drive my business. I only use the best products on you when you are here and I will only retail those exact same products that I know will work for you at home. And it does make a big difference in the results you are trying to achieve for your hair, skin and nails when using top of the line quality products as compared to the lower end “wow, that’s a great price” type of product.

I see almost weekly the damage “cheaper” products or products that were not recommended by a professional do to people’s hair. My main goal is to have Clients with the healthiest and best looking hair, skin and nails. The products used at a Salon and prescribed for at home use, are the two most important areas when trying to achieve healthy and great looking hair, skin and nails.

In an effort to make it easier for my Clients to be able to purchase the best products available for their at home use, I will be having monthly sales on the retail products I sell and also, I will honor competitors valid retail sale coupons if that coupon is brought into Lori Friend Hair Studio for redemption. Please see me for further details as some conditions and exemptions may apply.

-Lori Friend